RD 001 Inversión condominio República Dominicana

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The 7th Largest Economy in Latin America
and The Caribbean
Fastest Growing Economy in Latin America
since 2004
Macroeconomic and Political Stability
Strategic Location and Great Connectivity
Famous Country for White Sand Beaches, a
Tropical Island Sanctuary
Warm People and Culture.

The first will be the Real Estate Investor, of which there are
different categories, with different appetites and different goals.
§ Second, we will focus on millions of Baby Boomer Retirees in
the US who are trying to secure an affordable, comfortable,
enjoyable and secure retirement.

  • The third buyer is Digital Nomads who want to live in an
    affordable place that offers a varied and fun lifestyle.
  • And the fourth are the Expatriates. Inflation, market volatility and
    real estate prices going to the roof have forced the people of the
    world to move abroad and look for some other opportunities.
  • No real estate license required
  • You don’t need to be an expert in these markets
  • Just locate interested prospects……
    BlackLions does the heavy lifting for you
  • Little, if any, competition
  • Great commission structure
  • Multiple investment options for your prospects